Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Hadji Kalla Group: The Firm in Automotive

Who does not know Hadji Kalla Group (GHK)? Although its business base in Makassar, GHK including national conglomerate sequence that is still fragrant name. In fact, one of the founders, Jusuf Kalla, now believed to be coordinating minister in Megawati's cabinet.

GHK is a big company that controls many business sectors. The group began doing business in this textile, has now expanded into the automotive, electronics, agro-industry, trade, construction services and property with a total of 4 thousand employees.
GHK has a long history. Founded in 1952 by H. Kalla and Hj. Atirah, GHK grown into a family that is now up in the hands of second and third generations. Flag time, NV Hadji Kalla Trading Company.
GHK, 1967 extended to the field of construction and property. In this field, GHK established PT Bumi Karsa. Its main job as general contractor. Her achievements can be seen from the Trans-Sulawesi road construction, dams, and Hasanuddin Airport.
In 1969, H. Kalla (father Jusuf Kalla) penetrated the automotive business. Here, PT Hadji Kalla as the sole agent of Toyota's car sales in South Sulawesi, South Sulawesi and Sul Teng-Tra. Today, the company has 18 branches.
Precisely on August 7, 1970, GHK established PT Bumi Sarana Utama engaged as dealers of bulk asphalt Pertamina marketing areas of Sulawesi and Kalimantan. The company also has a number of tankers and fleet of trucks to facilitate the supply of its own.
Along with the development of economic and public interest against automotive, in 1996 GHK has worked with other automakers. First, the GHK established PT Intimate Home Cars that become KIA car dealer. Second, established PT Makassar Kingdom GHK Motors which later became the Daihatsu dealer and Nissan.
In the same year, GHK established PT Bumi Sarana Concrete, in charge of the development of residential areas in Makassar. To complement this business division, founded Baruga Asri PT Nusa Development in charge of the property. Outside the three property companies earlier, GHK also owns and manages hotels through PT Sahid Makassar Perkasa - working with the Sahid Group.
Not content there, GHK penetrated into the field of agro-industries through the flag of PT Makassar Mina Enterprises and Agro PT Duta Central Sulawesi. Each company in charge of catching and processing tuna for export, and agribusiness.
Later, through PT Kalla Electrical System, GHK foray into the field of electronics. In addition, GHK also penetrated into the transportation industry through PT Kalla Lines and PT Bukaka Cross Tama.
According to Halim Kalla, president director of PT Makassar Utama Motor, the current mainstay of GHK is the automotive industry in particular from a Toyota product. "It's become our company's cash cow," said the man who graduated from State University of New York, Buffalo, USA. The company targets sales of Toyota cars increased by 3-4 thousand units per year, while the PT Makassar Raya Motor, and PT Intimate Home Cars - which markets the Daihatsu and Kia cars - set a target of 300-400 units / year.
According to the husband of this Elvani Era, the target was reasonable because the Toyota brand has long been marketed, so powerful it has been stuck in the minds of consumers the car in Makassar. Meanwhile, Daihatsu and Kia products still have to fight extra hard, to be acceptable to the market in Makassar and other areas of Eastern Indonesia.
For Halim own automotive business is good business prospects in eastern Indonesia Makassar. Evidence, in times of crisis, circa 1997-99, in Makassar car sales actually increased. This is possible because many agricultural commodities from South Sulawesi in demand in local and international markets. As a result, increased purchasing power of Makassar.
According to off-road enthusiasts, and Chairman of the Association of Motor Besar Indonesia South Sulawesi, although one big family Kalla has become bigwigs in government, GHK never get preferential treatment. "We still do business as usual, and we do not want to ask for the convenience of the government. Therefore, it can cause a bad image for Sir Joseph himself," the father of Sarah and Wira is asserted.

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